TurfMaker Corporation


     Sod Quality Results

The TurfMaker® 1200 Flat Top

Less Loading and Fewer Trips to the Water Source

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Performance Features:


User Friendly, High Productivity, Labor Saving

Special Long Life Positive Displacement Pump

Thick Wood Mulch Applications

Long Hoses up to 500 Feet

No Clogs - Clear Water Hose Flushing System

Integrated Clear Water Holding Tank

Tower Applications up to 125 Feet

Carrying Deck for more than a Ton of Mulch

Heavy Duty Trailer w/Dual 7K Axles & Brakes

Mulch Capacities:


Wood Mulch (100%)    450 lbs per tank load

Paper Mulch                  700 lbs per tank load

Bonded Fiber Matrix    600 lbs per tank load

Blended Mulch              575 lbs per tank load



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